Veronika Zanier

Massage Therapist at the KCC

Even as a child, I was always a real bundle of energy. All my life, I've been keen to learn new things, and I hope this will never change. I've always loved engaging with people, getting to know other perspectives and broadening my horizon. I would describe myself as an open, active and warmhearted person.
My career path has been as colourful and diverse as my character. For the past ten years, I have been working in the field of massage therapy, energy work, dance and singing bowl meditation. I am also currently training as a hypnotherapist, a technique I plan to incorporate in my future work. As a massage therapist, I strive to view each client in a holistic manner. Everyone is different, with individual wishes, issues and needs. I use my massage techniques to support each client in the best possible manner. Respect and empathy are of utmost importance in my work. I love my profession, and it's a wonderful feeling to help people and accompany them for a few steps on their journey through life.


Certified Vitality Massage Therapist, Certified Alpine Wellness Trainer, Certified Qi Gong Teacher, Certified Sound Healing Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist


Classic Full-Body Massage

50 mins € 80
90 mins € 135


Massage 25 mins € 50

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This treatment relieves congestion throughout the body, soothes, detoxifies and speeds up the healing process, e.g. after injuries and operations

50 mins € 80

Singing Bowl Massage

During a sound healing massage, also known as singing bowl massage, the client is fully clothed. Singing bowls are placed on, or held above, the body, and gently struck or rubbed in a circular motion. While it works on very subtle levels, the effect is profound: the sound cleanses the aura and chakras, and promotes a deep feeling of relaxation.

50 mins € 110


Your feet mirror parts of the body. This is where all nerve pathways meet, so that organs and nerves can be selectively soothed or toned. The body’s own self-healing properties are activated. You might be surprised what your feet are trying to tell you!

50 mins € 80

Hot Stone Massage

During this treatment, the body is massaged with hot stones in the direction of the energy pathways. Finally, the stones are placed on the back while the client rests for a short while. Ideal for those suffering from tension, and anyone who enjoys the feeling of being pampered.

75 mins € 160

Lomi Lomi Nui – Hawaiian Temple Massage
For this full-body massage with warm oils, the massage therapist uses her forearms and elbows to combine gentle pressure with flowing, harmonious movements. ‘Lomi’ stands for new beginnings and letting go. Deep relaxation is guaranteed!

75 mins € 160

Deep Relaxation Massage

…in combination with Shamanic Healing techniques. Many healing methods have their origins in shamanism. For example, hypnosis is an ancient shamanic method to achieve a kind of trance state. This altered state reactivates our subconscious, giving us an opportunity to reprogramme ourselves – for example, to let go of old fears, injuries or distressing experiences.

50 mins € 110

Should you wish to cancel your appointment, we kindly ask that you let us know at least 12 hours before your scheduled treatment. If appointments are cancelled at less than 12 hours’ notice, the full session fee will be charged. For further details and to make an appointment, please contact the Club Reception