Wellness Treatments

Pure Relaxation

Enjoy some well-deserved pampering with our wide range of wellness treatments. We look forward to welcoming you!


Treatment Description Duration Price
Classic Massage Relaxation for body, mind and soul 25 Min.
50 Min.
90 Min.
€ 50,00
€ 80,00
€ 135,00
Lymphatic Drainage Massage Relieves congestion throughout the body; soothes, detoxifies, purifies; speeds up the healing process, e.g. after injuries and operations 50 Min. € 80,00
Sound Healing Massage Singing bowls are placed on, or held above, the client's fully clothed body, and gently struck in a circular motion. The sound cleanses the aura and chakras, and promotes a deep feeling of relaxation. 50 Min. € 90,00
Reflexology Your feet mirror parts of the body: reflexology allows organs and nerves to be selectively soothed or toned, and activates the body’s own self-healing properties. 50 Min. € 80,00
Vitality Massage A treatment combining foot reflexology and back massage 50 Min. € 80,00
Hot Stone Massage Warm and cool stones are used to massage the body in the direction of the energy pathways, before being placed on the client's back for a rest period. Ideal for those suffering from tension, and anyone who enjoys feeling pampered 75 Min. € 135,00
Lomi Lomi Nui - Hawaiian Temple Massage Full-body massage with warm oils; the massage therapist uses her forearms and elbows to combine gentle pressure with flowing, harmonious movements. ‘Lomi’ stands for new beginnings, and letting go. 75 Min. € 135,00
Deep Relaxation Massage in combination with Shamanic Healing techniques 50 Min. € 90,00
Cranio-Sacral Therapy A gentle yet effective treatment that evolved out of osteopathy. Through gentle touch, the body’s self-healing properties are activated, and your body is gently straightened. Physical and emotional tensions can be permanently resolved 50 Min.
80 Min.
€ 90,00
€ 145,00
Signature K’ Intuitive Body Treatment A holistic treatment that combines pure empathy and intuition with the knowledge and techniques gathered throughout an extensive career. The therapist identifies causes and correlations, and works in a way that is fully attuned to the client's history and needs 80 Min. € 135,00
Bioenergetic Treatment A gentle, highly effective treatment that uses the Key method (Scenar) to release blockages in the musculoskeletal system, and reduce symptoms associated with scar tissue. Activates the body’s self-healing properties, and stimulates detoxification and regeneration – the basis of a healthy body. 50 Min. € 95,00
Energy Treatment Firm, flowing movements are used to unblock, stimulate and balance the flow of energy. 55 Min.
85 Min.
€ 120,00
€ 170,00
Thai Massage Follows the same process as the Energy Treatment, but includes the use of warm Thai herbal stamps 85 Min. € 170,00
Lomi - Pohaku Hawaiian ritual bodywork with warm basalt stones 85 Min. € 170,00
Lomi – Hapai Hawaiian ritual bodywork for mothers-to-be 55 Min. € 120,00
Colour, Energy & Aromatherapy Massage Chakra-Colour Essential Oil is blended with warm oils and applied in gentle, rhythmic movements to promote a state of deep relaxation. 55 Min.
85 Min.
€ 120,00
€ 170,00
Candle Massage Soft candle light, pleasant fragrances and warm oils help release the tensions of everyday life, leaving you with a deep sense of calm. The treatments are divided into seven chakras, with different mood and aroma variations. 55 Min.
85 Min.
€ 120,00
€ 170,00
Body, Mind & Soul Balancing Treatment - 55 Min. € 155,00