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Yoga has countless positive effects on your health: Asanas, meditation and Pranayama counteract stress and inner turmoil; internal health problems can be counterbalanced; practicing yoga can also prevent and combat nervousness or insomnia. Yoga has a relaxing effect, increases flexibility, stimulates your circulation, and improves concentration. In our classes, we seek to help you regain your inner balance. The yoga workshops and personal coaching sessions at the Kitzbühel Country Club are run by the 'RAISE Body and Mind' team, headed by Sandra Dettweiler and Tatjana Sanftenberg. Their approach revolves entirely around the individual, rather than creating a yoga 'showcase'. Your instructors will gently guide you towards inner balance and a more mindful approach to your body.

RAISE Body and Mind

Our Yoga programme at the Kitzbühel Country Club

RAISE Body and Mind • Yoga & Meditation • Sandra Dettweiler & Tatjana Sanftenberg.
In October 2018, we opened our boutique studio in Munich Bogenhausen, and are excited to offer additional classes at the Kitzbühel Country Club.

There is no sense of 'showcasing' in our classes – instead, our approach centres entirely on the individual. In order to respond to each participant, we consciously practice in small groups, leaving plenty of time for personal exchange. We would love to welcome you at the Kitzbühel Country Club.

RAISE Body and Mind offers a varied range of yoga workshops and events in both locations. On these pages, we introduce our programme at the Kitzbühel Country Club.

If you prefer one-on-one sessions, we also offer personal coaching. Our classes and workshops are modular and can be booked individually – they do not build upon earlier lessons. Session prices are listed below. We also frequently hold additional events, which are announced on our website at www.raise-yoga.com.

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