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Hunting & Fishing

The Great Outdoors

Our private hunting grounds – spanning an area of 1,000 hectares from Scheffau to Ellmau – will make any nature enthusiast's heart beat faster. Two mountain cabins, several raised and ground-level hides and manageable footpaths provide the perfect setting for hunting and wildlife observation. Follow our hunting guide into the realm of chamois, roe and red deer, black grouse, marmots, red foxes, stone martens, field and snow hares - and come back with tales of an unforgettable adventure.
The region around the Kitzbühel Country Club is also an angler’s paradise: Brixen, Hopfgarten, Schwendt and Kössen are home to several well-stocked fishing lakes, while holders of an angling license can obtain one-day permits for lakes such as the nearby ‘Schwarzsee’ in Kitzbühel. We are happy to help you make all necessary arrangements.

Fees & Shooting Seasons

Shooting Fees

Game Fee
Chamois € 1,900 to € 2,900
Black Grouse € 1,600
Marmot € 420
Roe Deer (Buck) € 500 to € 1,300
Roe Deer (Doe) € 500

Guided Wildlife Observation

Duration Price Incl. Packed Lunch
Half Day € 130 € 160
Full Day € 210 € 240

Hunting Seasons in Tyrol

Game Dates
Red Deer – Bucks, Class I* 01/08 to 15/11
Red Deer – Bucks, Class II & III 01/08 to 31/12
Red Deer – Roes, Fawns and Brockets 01/06 to 31/12
Chamois* 01/08 to 15/12
Roe Deer – Bucks, Class I & II 01/06 to 31/10
Roe Deer – Bucks, Class III 01/06 to 31/12
Roe Deer – Does and Fawns 01/06 to 31/12
Marmot 15/08 to 30/09
Field Hare, Snow Hare 01/10 to 15/01
Badger 15/07 to 15/02
Black Grouse May (times vary)
Hazel Grouse 15/09 to 15/10
White Grouse (Rock Ptarmigan) 15/11 to 31/12
Mallard Duck, Wood Pigeon 01/10 to 15/01
Fox all year
Polecat all year
Beech Marten all year

* Chamois Class I refers to bucks from 8 years up, and does from 10 years up