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The Kitzbühel Country Club

Admission Process

  • Becoming a member of the Kitzbühel Country Club is subject to an invitation through the Club and subsequent acceptance by the Club Committee. Applications may be addressed to the Club Administration Office.
  • The membership becomes effective once the application has been accepted and the applicable fees have been paid.
  • The same admission requirements apply to all types of membership, unless the Committee has specified otherwise.

Types of Membership

Regular Membership

Applies to Club members who were accepted as Regular Members in accordance with the respective Club Rules. Spouses, partners and children of Regular Members are able to benefit from concessional membership rates.

Fees & Conditions

Annual Membership Fee
Admission Fee (one time only)
Regular Membership
€ 2 520,00
€ 3 600,00
Family Membership
€ 1 210,00
€ 800,00

Family Membership: Life partner and children between the ages of 16 and 26

Company Membership

Companies are able to name between one and five individuals to be registered as representatives of a membership. Company Membership includes a food & beverage allowance to the value of 50% of the membership fee. Each registered representative of a membership may use this allowance, unless specified otherwise (in writing). The nominated representatives are subject to the same admission criteria as individuals applying for a Regular Membership.

Fees & Conditions

Annual Membership Fee
Admission Fee (one time only)
Company Membership
€ 12 050,00*
€ 5 000,00

* Includes an annual consumption credit of € 6,000.-

Temporary Membership

Temporary Membership is granted to individuals who have been suggested for a Members Suite booking by the Club Administration Office, and approved by Club Management. This form of membership is aimed at individuals who only require accommodation (and meals) at the Kitzbühel Lodge, or who are staying in one of the Club's suites at the increased Temporary Members rate. Temporary Membership is valid exclusively for the duration of your stay, and does not include any other Club services.



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