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Virtual Notice Board

Effective from June 2018

Regarding the 'General' section of the Club Regulations:
Membership primarily constitutes access to the Kitzbühel Country Club, situated at Kitzbüheler Straße 53 in 6370 Reith bei Kitzbühel, during the respectively specified opening hours. Access to the Club premises is determined in accordance with the requirements stipulated by Kitzbühel County Club GmbH.

Opening times will be adapted in line with requirements and legal regulations. A temporary closure of the Club may also be necessary and will in no way affect the status of membership, nor the membership fee. The opening and closing times are determined by the management of Kitzbühel Country Club GmbH in accordance with current requirements, and communicated to all Club members in the KCC Newsletter.

All information published on the Virtual Notice Board on the Kitzbühel Country Club website is binding for all members of the Kitzbühel Country Club, and forms part of the Club Regulations.

Termination of Membership
Membership may be cancelled in writing with a notice period of three months before the end of the Club Year (30 November).

Membership Fee
Membership fees are charged including the respectively statutory VAT. On 01/07/2020 the VAT rates changed to 5%.

Dress Code
Club life is based on mutual respect and a considerate demeanour. This includes, but is not limited to, the discreet use of mobile phones and the wearing of appropriate attire. We kindly ask that flip flops are not worn inside the restaurant.

Dogs are of course welcome at the Kitzbühel Country Club, but must be kept on a leash throughout the premises.



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Included Services for Club Members

  • Exclusive access to the facilities and services of the Club
  • Full use of the Club's wellness, spa and fitness facilities
  • Rich programme of in-house cultural events
  • Access to our reciprocal Partner Clubs around the world

Members and Guests

  • Each member is entitled to invite friends to the Club as visitors – always, however, in the presence of the member in question.
  • If the number of accompanying visitors exceeds four, this must be arranged in advance with the Club Administration.
  • Members Residences can be booked by Club members as well as their guests.

Membership Fee

  • Overview of our current Membership Fees:
  • Annual membership fees will be adjusted exclusively on the basis of the Consumer Price Index for the duration of your membership.
  • The Club Year starts on December 1st and ends on November 30th the following year.
  • Each Club member receives a personal membership account, from which the cost of meals, beverages and other Club services can conveniently be debited, provided it has been credited with the appropriate funds.
  • Our KCC Special Offer: If, by 30 November of any given year, a member credits their Club account with a non-refundable sum equivalent to or exceeding ten times their annual membership fee, the Club will waiver the membership fee for the subsequent year.
  • Membership fees are charged including the respectively statutory VAT. On 01/07/2020 the VAT rates changed to 5%.

Stay Informed

  • Please see our email newsletter and the KCC homepage for updates on our extensive programme of events.