University Club of Saint Paul


420 Summit Avenue
Saint Paul MN 55102
T +1 651 222 1751

The University Club is a private social and recreational club — and a legendary piece of local history, having played host to a 'Who's Who' of Saint Paulites for more than a century. We're known for a degree of refinement and our treasured traditions, but in spite of our iconic status, we’re anything but stuffy.

We’ve facilitated a community in the very best sense of the word: the University Club has been the backdrop to anything from intimate Friday night dinners, Scotch tasting and lazy afternoons by the pool, to invigorating workouts and the annual Fezziwig Christmas ball. Our members are families, retirees, CEOs, teachers, writers, physicians, artists, students, stay-at-home parents and jugglers (we've seen it all!).

They represent a fascinating, inspiring slice of Twin Cities life, and for all their differences, they share a common appreciation for good conversation, good food, and good times.With versatile amenities and a packed calendar of events for the whole family, the University Club becomes deeply integrated into the lives of its members: they choose the University Club for their biggest moments — weddings, anniversary parties, and corporate events — and their everyday memories. This is your club. Step inside. We think you'll love it here.