Hanse Lounge


GmbH & Co. KG Club
Neuer Wall 19
20354 Hamburg
T +49 40 35 00 433

Its exceptional location – above Hamburg’s Alster Arcades, with a view of the City Hall Market and the Inner Alster Lake – makes the Hanse Lounge ideal for meetings with associates and friends. Club members use the premises to enjoy business lunches, network with their peers and entertain guests, as well as celebrate special occasions and family events. Hanse Lounge is also a perfect base for international visitors. Its stunning terrace, overlooking the City Hall Market and the Inner Alster Lake, holds a unique appeal for visitors from around the world. The cuisine at the club is exceptional, courtesy of a high-calibre team that will skilfully accommodate personal wishes and requests. Along with a classic all-season menu, guests are able to choose from a lunch selection, a monthly menu with a culinary theme, and a menu that changes on a weekly basis. Equally, the service is always in line with each guest’s individual requirements. The club also offers a rich programme of events, from informal talks with politicians to lectures by accomplished speakers, from Bridge lessons and golf tournaments to wine tastings, gourmet dinners and children’s events.