Club de la Unión


Avda Libertador Bernardo O`Higgins No. 1091
Santiago, Región Metropolitana
T +56 2 224 28 4600

Sharing conversations and debates has always been an integral part of Chilean culture. When Chile declared its independence in 1818 – marking the end of the colonial period – the ensuing political upheavals saw people band together in groups that shared the same ideologies. The result was a stark segregation between government supporters and members of the opposition. During the presidency of Don José Joaquín Pérez (1861-1871), Don Rafael Larraín Moxó became a link between the President and those who opposed him, by receiving the most prominent representatives of both sides in his own home. This gave rise to the idea of creating a space of tolerance and understanding for people with different political views. And so, the Club de la Unión was founded on July 8, 1864. Since then, generations of businessmen, industrialists, politicians and diplomats have congregated at the club to discuss important national and international events. The club’s influential members have also made significant contributions to Santiago’s social and cultural life.