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Exhibition – SEELEN GRÜNDE

Open from 11/12/2020

Featuring works by Agnés Guillaume (videography), Barbara Luisi (photography) and Alexander Polzin (sculpture). While we rarely manage to decipher the mysteries that lead to chance encounters, we are able to analyse their consequences. Is it our commonalities, or our differences, that create a deeper bond? The three represented artists have set out to explore what connects them, and what sets them apart. Their photographs, sculptures, moving images and paintings investigate human nature and our relationship with our surroundings, whilst posing questions about destiny and its mysterious manifestations, which transcend any rational understanding. New dimensions open up for those willing to engage with visual art. Dr. Günther Ziesel, October 2020

Kitzbühel Country Club | Vernissage Seelengründe

'Seelengründe' was originally scheduled to open on Friday December 11, 2020 with a reception attended by Alexander Polzin, Barbara Luisi and Agnès Guillaume.

About the Artists

Agnès Guillaume (b. 1962) originally trained as a musician. Today she is an internationally renowned video and multimedia artist, based in Paris and Brussels. Poetic explorations of self-perception are at the centre of her oeuvre, which takes the form of videos, mixed-media, as well as embroideries of her delicate drawings onto fabric. The resulting works offer intriguing perspectives on the human condition. Barbara Luisi (b. 1964) is a Munich-born photographer and violinist based in Vienna and Venice. Her images, printed on paper or silk, offer an emotive view of nature and the human body in their purest form. Aesthetic beauty is the leitmotif that characterises the artist's oeuvre. Alexander Polzin, born in East Berlin in 1973, trained as a stonemason before embarking on an international career as a sculptor and painter. As well as creating monuments for public spaces, he frequently engages in artistic collaborations with writers, composers, musicians, choreographers and scientists from around the world.

SEELEN GRÜNDE - Exhibition


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