Norske Selskab


Akersgata 18,
0158 Oslo, Norwegen
T +47 416 1544 2

Norway Club is an old and prestigious gentlemen’s club. Founded in 1772, it is the world’s fifth oldest gentlemen’s club. The club is centrally located in Oslo, next to the Parliament. The facilities are beautiful – characterised both by culture and tradition.

Our members have their background from business, culture, science and public administration.
The club has about 1,100 members, and a long waiting list of applicants. New members are carefully chosen and must be recommended by at least two existing members. The club is open to members and their guests from 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on all working days. Each member can bring up to four guests. Guests must respect the dress code and the other rules of the club.

The club facilities
The large building that houses Norske Selskab is fully owned by the club. The club is located on the second floor, and contains a grand dining room, five sitting rooms, a library, a billiard room and lounges set up for playing cards.
The sitting rooms have a historic, traditional atmosphere, with an elegance and style that certainly make them quite unique. The rooms also contain one of Norway's most prestigious art collections of national painters from the turn of the previous century.

The club is accessed through the entrance at the centre of the Akersgaten 18 building, from which stairs and an elevator lead to the club floor. A friendly staff greets the guests in the reception room on the club floor.