Street Philosophy

Nina Schmid and Julia Kalmund, founders of ‘Street Philosophy’

When Antisthenes was asked some 2,500 years ago what he had gained from philosophy, he replied: “The ability to converse with myself.”

To begin with, let’s explore what philosophy stands for and what distinguishes it from other, perhaps more widely familiar disciplines: the Greek term Philos denotes affectionate love, while Sophia is translated as the wise. Philosophy, therefore, might be understood as a love of wisdom.
The practice of philosophy follows no predetermined methodology; instead, it is based on a particular manner of asking questions. What fascinates us both, and represents the reason for our desire to ‘take philosophy to the streets’, is that it is devoid of bias, dogma and prefabricated answers.
There is no Right or Wrong – this, in itself, seems like a precious gift in our modern times. We welcome the fact that not every question is accompanied by an implicit answer; we enjoy the process by which one question simply leads to yet another; but all the while, you still experience a sense of insight and realisation.

Street Philosophy stands for the pleasure of thinking: the shared joy of pursuing thoughts, and the joy of sharing the thought you pursue…

It stands for questioning the status quo, staying curious and, perhaps most importantly, maintaining an open and honest approach in situations of conflict – both in regard to the issue itself, and the people involved. Your questions might initially seem trite – however, it is precisely by examining the deeply-engrained and the conventional that we are able to discover new perspectives, and understand that there may be many truths to navigate, on our journey towards our own.

The intention behind Street Philosophy is to encourage you to enter into a conversation with yourself – to take heart and look deeper, in order to discover new possibilities and points of view.

After all, the ability to embrace ourselves and our situation, and to adequately handle any challenges life throws at us, might just be the key to a happy and rewarding life.

Find out more by visiting our events in venues such as the Kitzbühel Country Club, reading our blog and enjoying our videos. You can also ‘like’ us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

We look forward to meeting you!
Julia Kalmund and Nina Schmid


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