Physiotherapy with Mag. Thomas Ortner, BSc

Being physically active has been a vital part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up without the generic playgrounds that have since become central to most western childhoods. Instead, we created our own ‘adventure parks’ – down by the river, out in the woods, and even in the hay barns of our rural childhood homes. Every day, we navigated our surroundings with complete autonomy – free of any supervising authority or purpose-built safety equipment. This has profoundly shaped the way in which I conduct myself in nature, in the mountains or any other non-conforming physical environment. And I now take great pleasure in helping my patients develop the same innate confidence in their physical abilities. I might suggest, for example, integrating an uneven staircase with irregular steps into an exercise routine to enhance coordination.

In the course of my career I have specialised in the myofascial system of the human body. I have completed numerous training programmes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, enabling me to offer treatments spanning from trigger point and fascial therapy to TrP dry needling.

One of my primary interests is the treatment of myofascial pain syndrome – a chronic pain disorder that can affect the spine, joints or muscles, as well as cause recurring headaches, dizziness, migraines and tinnitus. During a trigger point and fascia treatment, the patient will experience some discomfort – however, a significant improvement of symptoms, such as pain reduction and increased mobility, sets in immediately after the session.


TREATMENT: Mobilising Physiotherapy

Before we begin our work, I will carry out a physical assessment which will enable me to gain an overview of your symptoms, and devise the best possible treatment plan. This is never limited to just one course of action, but always involves a combination of manual therapy, fascial therapy and various massage techniques. Depending on the diagnosis, I may also include electrotherapy, as well as apply a Pyonex or Kinesio tape at the end of a session.

DURATION: 50 min

PRICE: € 80.00

TREATMENT: Medical Back Massage

This therapeutic massage begins with the traction and mobilisation of individual vertebrae in order to manipulate the Sympathetic Nervous System. This is followed by various soft tissue and fascial treatment techniques in order to break up adhesions and tension in your fasciae and muscles. The final focus of the session is on the individual vertebrae of the cervical spine as well as the sub-occipital muscles.

DURATION: 60 min

PRICE: € 120.00

If you have been given a doctor’s referral for physiotherapy, you may be eligible for a partial refund of costs by your health insurance provider.

Please ask the reception for appointments.

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