When tourism developed, in the days when it was still called “to go to the country”, a first exchange between city and country took place in Tyrol. A lot has happened since then. But one thing remained the same: the chance to learn from each other when different worlds meet. People who call our region their home have developed a special sense for the interaction of tradition and modernity: a reciprocally enriching stimulation with the potential to keep one’s individuality and at the same time developing it in its very own fashion.

As far as the KCC is concerned, this means to combine the responsible use of natural resources with high-end cultural events, or to transform the form language owed to alpine farm life into modern design. Our concept here is: To combine the urban and the alpine, tradition and modernity in a new fashion and make them interact with each other.

Social Responsibility & Practiced Sustainability

High regard for our fellow men as well as for the treasures nature gives us: we see this as a link to old and almost forgotten self-evidences of life and the living.

Long before social responsibility became a concept, people of the rough mountain life saw themselves and lived as the link of a chain: Goods and chattels were to be managed in such a fashion that they would present a basis for the generations to come. Each decision had to take into account someone else’s interests and to consider everybody’s prosperity. And this is what social responsibility is all about. Therefore, among others, we have entered into a long-time cooperation with the Jane Goodall Institute Austria.

Living in Community

Alpine life means living in community. In the familial and village community of former times mutual support could be sought and found. Today, in a place like Kitzbühel, people with the most different personal backgrounds from the most different countries get together. They all are united in the experience of the fabulous alpine nature. It is for them that we wish to provide extended private room and a meeting place. A place where treasures of experience are generously shared and perspectives widened. A place of vivid community.

Kitzbühel Country Club GmbH
Kitzbüheler Straße 53
6370 Reith bei Kitzbühel

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