The earliest days of tourism, when taking a vacation meant to ‘summer in the country’, marked the start of the first close interactions between city dwellers and Tyrol’s rural population. Much has changed since then – but what remains is the continuing opportunity for people from different walks of life to meet and learn from each other. Those who call our region their home have developed a special understanding of the relationship between progress and tradition: both are vital elements of life which can, in fact, be mutually enriching – allowing us to maintain our individuality by consciously adapting to an evolving world.

The KCC seeks to strike this balance, for example, by integrating environmental sustainability into high-end cultural events, or by incorporating elements of a traditional, alpine farming lifestyle into contemporary interior designs. The aim is to combine the urban with the alpine, tradition with modernity, in an entirely new way.

Social Responsibility & Long-Term Sustainability

To us at the KCC, respecting our fellow men and honouring the treasures of nature simply represents a continuation of an age-old, near-forgotten attitude to life.

Long before social responsibility became an established concept, those who lived in the harsh environment of our mountains saw themselves as links in a chain: their lives and earthly possessions were to be managed in such a way as to support the generations to come.

Every decision had to take into account the needs of others, and promote the welfare of all. This is the very definition of social responsibility – and one of the reasons we have entered into a long-term partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute Austria.

Living in a Community

Alpine life has always been synonymous with community. In the familial and village community of former times, mutual support could always be sought and found. Today, an extraordinary place such as Kitzbühel draws people from all around the world who, regardless of their different cultural and personal backgrounds, share an appreciation of our region’s stunning natural environment. It is for them that we wish to provide an extended private space: a place to meet, to share experiences and broaden each other’s perspectives – a place for a dynamic community.

Kitzbühel Country Club GmbH
Kitzbüheler Straße 53
6370 Reith bei Kitzbühel

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