Club Membership

Acceptance as member of the Kitzbühel Country Club follows invitation through the club and confirmation by the club committee. Applications for club membership may be addressed to the club office

+43 5356 64664

The membership is individual and not transferable.
The following forms of membership apply (for further information please refer to club rules):

  • Regular Membership
  • Company Membership
  • Temporary Membership


Information about the Kitzbühel Country Club

Offers for Clubmembers

Offers for Clubmembers

Dear potential Member, you will be invited to become a member of KCC by the club and after the membership comitee has agreed.

Included Services for Members

  • Exclusive access to the facilities and services of the club
  • Use of our relaxation, spa and fitness areas
  • Participation in the extensive program of cultural and various other events in the club
  • Access to about 250 clubs of International Associate Clubs IAC in over 40 countries.

Members and their Guests

  • Club members are authorized to invite friends as visitors for an introduction into the club. Personal club member presence is required.
  • If a member invites more than four guests we request prior arrangement with the club office.
  • Guests using the relaxation, fitness and spa areas will pay the pertaining fee for non-members at the club office.
  • It is possible to book member suites for oneself as club member and for guests.

Membership Fee

  • Our membership fees are stable in value and will not increase during total duration of the membership.
  • The club year starts December 1st and ends November 30th the following year.
  • Membership includes a personal membership account for entering consumption costs for foods, beverages and other services, providing a sum has been credited.
  • Our KCC special offer: A non-refundable depot credit of the tenfold membership fee, paid until November 30th of a given year for the year to follow and to be consumed through club services, will release from the annual membership fee.

Member Information

  • Our extensive program of a variety of events will be brought to your attention via e-mail newsletter and home page.

Kitzbühel Country Club GmbH
Kitzbüheler Straße 53
6370 Reith bei Kitzbühel

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