Club Membership

Becoming a member of the Kitzbühel Country Club is subject to an invitation through the Club and subsequent acceptance by the club committee. Applications for club membership may be addressed to the club office.

+43 5356 64664

Membership is individual and non-transferable. The following forms of membership are available (for further information please refer to the Club Rules, available at the Club Reception):

  • Regular Membership
  • Company Membership
  • Temporary Membership

Conduct and dress code
Club life is based on mutual respect, with each Club member being asked to act in a considerate manner. This includes being discreet when using mobile phones, and dressing appropriately at all times.

Your canine friend is very welcome at the Kitzbühel Country Club. However, please note that dogs must be kept on a leash throughout the premises.



Please have a look at the advantages of a KCC membership.

Included Services for Club Members

Club Members and their Guests

  • Members are permitted to invite friends as guests, and introduce them to the Club. Guests must be accompanied by a Club member.
  • If a member wishes to invite more than four guests at a time, we politely ask to pre-arrange this with the club office.
  • Guests using the Relaxation, Fitness and Spa areas are asked to pay the pertaining fee for non-members at the club office.
  • Members are able to book suites both for themselves as well as for their invited guests.

Membership Fees

  • Annual membership fees will be adjusted exclusively on the basis of the Consumer Price Index for the duration of your membership.
  • The club year starts December 1st and ends November 30th the following year.
  • Each Club member receives a personal membership account, from which the cost of meals, beverages and other Club services can conveniently be debited –provided it has been credited with the appropriate funds.
  • Our KCC Special Offer: If, by 30 November of any given year, a member credits their Club account with a non-refundable sum equivalent to or exceeding ten times their annual membership fee, the Club will waiver the membership fee for the subsequent year. Please note that these Club account funds can only be used to pay for services rendered by the Kitzbühel Country Club.

Members’ updates

  • We will keep you informed of our extensive programme of events via our email newsletter, as well as our continuously updated homepage.

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