Massage & Energy Healing

Born in Thailand, I moved to Tyrol in 1986, and have been based in the Kitzbühel area ever since. Having started my career in the field of business administration, I changed course in 1995, when I embarked on my training as a massage therapist. I have a particular passion for energy healing.
Through my extensive training – which includes Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tui na, AnPiMoMai, Aromatherapy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, the Bowen Technique, Lomi Lomi Nui, Pranic Healing, and much more – I have come to understand that everything is interconnected. My aim is to restore a balance between body, mind and soul. I work intuitively, which means that I align my treatments with the client’s current state.


Energy Massage
 A gentle yet effective treatment to stimulate, unblock and balance the flow of energy.

 55 mins € 120
 85 mins € 170

 Thai Massage
 Follows the same process as the Energy Treatment, but includes the use of warm Thai herbal stamps. 

 85 mins € 170

 Lomi - Pohaku 
Hawaiian ritual bodywork with warm basalt stones 
 85 mins € 170 

 Lomi – Hapai
 Hawaiian ritual bodywork for mothers-to-be 

 55 mins € 120

 Colour, Energy & Aromatherapy Massage 
 55 mins € 120 
 85 mins € 170 

 Chakra Candle Massage 55 mins € 120
 85 mins € 170

 Body, Mind & Soul Balancing Treatment
 55 mins € 155
Sofri Colour Energy
 Every scent and colour has a vibration, resonance and energy of its own, which affect our minds and bodies in specific ways. Natural essential oils work on a holistic basis: they stimulate our circulation and the function of the skin, help detox the body, restore a physical and mental balance, and promote an overall sense of wellbeing. Essential oils are absorbed through the skin and enter into the bloodstream, delivering their beneficial properties throughout the lymphatic system and to the internal organs. They can be applied as activating, relaxing, stress-reducing, pain-relieving or skin-nourishing treatments. 

 Colour, Energy & Aromatherapy Massage The client selects a Chakra-Colour Essential Oil of their choice, which is blended with warm oils and applied in gentle, rhythmic movements to achieve a state of deep relaxation. 

 55 mins € 120
 85 mins € 170
 Chakra Candle Massage Soft candle light, pleasant fragrances and warm oils let you transcend the stresses of everyday life. Tensions and energy blockages are released, until you feel enveloped in a deep sense of calm. The treatment is divided into seven chakras, with different mood and aroma variations to choose from. 
55 mins € 120 
85 mins € 170 

 Pure Energy PHYSIOTRON Magnetic Field Stimulation A healthy body will have harmonious vibrational frequencies. However, if our physical or emotional state is out of balance, so are our vibrational patterns. We experience this as feeling off-kilter or unwell. To maintain a sense of well-being, we must relax and revitalise our bodies on a daily basis – though modern life can leave us short on time. Just 10 minutes of magnetic field stimulation can be an effective way to restore your energy levels. Based on two decades of experience and scientific studies, PHYSIOTRON Magnetic Field Stimulation is an excellent complementary treatment to help harmonise the body’s energetic frequencies, and restore a feeling of good health. Body, Mind & Soul Balancing Treatment:
Our physical, mental and emotional state all manifest themselves in our bodies. The Physiotron is an effective aid in bringing every aspect of your being into balance. During the treatment, you will be stimulated by a biomagnetic field in order to recharge and re-balance your natural energy resources. 

 55 mins € 145
 Light - Energy
 Quantum Hyperlight (hyper-polarised light) with Fulleren C60
 This light therapy system is a clinically tested and certified medical device for the effective treatment of various health issues with absolutely no side effects. The Quantum Hyperlight works by stimulating the body’s self-healing properties, and is even able to target nerves, tendons, cartilages, bones and internal organs. As well as speeding up the natural healing process, the Quantum Hyperlight promotes deep microcirculation and cell stimulation, thereby strengthening the body’s immune system. Because it operates on a quantum level, the Quantum Hyperlight has a positive effect not only on the treated area, but on the entire body. Benefits: - As the light is absorbed into the body tissue, the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) level is increased, resulting in an improved cell metabolism 
- Increased cellular energy - Improved microcirculation and cell stimulation 
- Enhances protein synthesis (collagen and elastin production) - Reduces swelling and inflammation -Strengthens the body's immune system - Stimulates regenerative and reparative processes in all biological structures - Significantly accelerates wound healing - Relieves or reduces pain - Natural pain relief without side effects - Natural rejuvenation The Quantum Hyperlight can be integrated into any treatment (subject to an additional charge).